In Committee from the House of Commons

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In Committee from the House of Commons - Standing Committee on Natural Resources – June 16, 2009

Appearances: Linda Keen, Dominic Ryan, Nigel Lockyer, Christopher Heysel, John Valliant, Dave Tucker

Committee members continue their consideration of the Atomic Energy Canada Limited (AECL) Facility at Chalk River and the production of medical isotopes. The witnesses are Linda Keen (as an individual), Dominic Ryan (from the Canadian Institute for Neutron Scattering), and Nigel Lockyer (the director of TRIUMF laboratory). Also appearing before the committee are Christopher Heysel, John Valliant, and Dave Tucker from McMaster University.

The witnesses are questioned by committee members Geoff Regan (Liberal), Nathan Cullen (NDP), Alan Tonks (Liberal), and Conservative members Cheryl Gallant, Bradley Trost, and David Anderson.

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