In Committee from the House of Commons

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In Committee from the House of Commons - Standing Committee on Health – June 18, 2009

Appearances: Rob S. B. Beanlands, Terrence D. Ruddy, Jean-Luc Urbain, François Lamoureux, Albert Dreidget, Sandy McEwan

Committee members hear briefings on the health implications of the supply of radioisotopes. The witnesses are Rob S. B. Beanlands and Terrence D. Ruddy (from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute), Jean-Luc Urbain (from the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine), François Lamoureux (Quebec Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists), Albert Dreidget (from the University of Western Ontario), and Sandy McEwan (as an individual).

The witnesses are questioned by committee members Carolyn Bennett (Liberal), Judy Wasylycia-Leis (NDP), Joyce Murray (Liberal), and Conservative members Colin Carrie, Patricia Davidson, and Bradley Trost.

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