Finance – September 27, 2011

In Committee from the House of Commons

Finance – September 27, 2011

Finance (September 27, 2011)

The committee began its annual pre-budget consultations, hearing from economists from various organizations and financial institutions.

Marc Lavoie (Department of Economics, University of Ottawa), Douglas Porter (deputy chief economist, BMO Capital Markets), Sylvain Schetagne (senior economist, Canadian Labour Congress), Glen Hodgson (senior vice-president and chief economist, Conference Board of Canada) and Carlos Leitao (chief economist, Laurentian Bank Securities) shared their outlook on where the economy is headed.

Canadians are invited to share their priorities for the federal budget during this consultation process. These suggestions are included in a report that will be tabled in the House of Commons. The finance minister takes these suggestions, as well as the committee’s recommendations, into consideration in the development of the budget. This year’s report will be tabled this December.