Government Operations and Estimates – December 1, 2011

In Committee from the House of Commons

Government Operations and Estimates – December 1, 2011

Government Operations and Estimates (December 1, 2011)

Deputy Minister of the Department of Industry, Richard Dicerni discussed the department’s supplementary estimates for 2011-12. He was joined by his colleagues Simon Kennedy (Senior Associate Deputy Minister), and Kelly Gillis (Chief Financial Officer, Comptrollership and Administration Sector).

Yaprak Baltacioglu (Deputy Minister), Anita Biguzs (Associate Deputy Minister), and André Morency (Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Management and Crown Corporation Governance, Corporate Services), all from the Department of Transport, also appeared.

Infrastructure Canada representatives John Forster (Associate Deputy Minister), and Su Dazé (Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Services) rounded out the list of witnesses testifying beore the committee.