Bill C-11

Legislative Committee on Bill C-11 (February 29, 2012)

Representatives from the Canadian music industry, a consumer organization and the visual arts sector were among the witnesses who testified as part of the committee’s study of the government’s copyright reform legislation.

Stuart Johnston and Robert D’Eith, both representing the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA), told MPs that the industry welcomed the long-overdue update to the Copyright Act and outlined CIMA’s recommendations for improvement. Janice Seline of the Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective Inc., also agreed that copyright reform was necessary and presented her group’s proposed changes. The Canadian Consumer Initiative’s John Lawford and Janet Lo focused on concerns over technological protection measures (TPM), or digital locks.

Jean-François Cormier of Audio Cine Films Inc. and Suzanne Hitchon from Criterion Pictures discussed their grave concerns with certain elements of the bill that they say will cause serious harm to their industry if passed. The two witnesses work for companies that distributes content to the educational sector. Sylvie Lussier and Yves Légaré from the Société des auteurs de radio, télévision et cinéma also expressed their concerns with the legislation.