In Committee from the House of Commons

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In Committee from the House of Commons - Finance - April 3, 2012

Finance (April 3, 2012)

Committee members heard from supporters of a private member's bill that would allow Canadians to transport or ship wine across provincial borders for personal use. If passed, Bill C-311 would also allow consumers to buy wine directly from Canadian wineries and have it shipped to their home province. The federal Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act, which was enacted in 1928, prevents the transport and shipment of wine from province to province unless it is done by provincial liquor control boards.

Shirley-Ann George from the Alliance of Canadian Wine Consumers, Miles Prodan of the British Columbia Wine Institute, Paul-André Bosc of the Château des Charmes, Grape Growers of Ontario representative Debbie Zimmerman, the Wine Council of Ontario's Hillary Dawson, and Mark Hicken of discussed the positive impact of the bill for consumers and the Canadian wine industry.

UPDATE: Bill C-311 received royal assent on June 28.

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