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In Committee from the House of Commons - Finance - October 15, 2012

Finance (October 15, 2012)

The committee begins its annual pre-budget consultations, where Canadians are invited to share their priorities for the federal budget. These suggestions are included in a report that will be tabled in the House of Commons. The finance minister takes these suggestions, as well as the committee's recommendations, into consideration in the development of the 2013 budget. This year's report will be tabled in December.

MPs hear from the following witnesses during the first part of the meeting: Martin Unrau and Andrea Brocklebank (both with the Canadian Cattlemen's Association); Kim McCaig (Canadian Energy Pipeline Association); Corinne Pohlmann (Canadian Federation of Independent Business); Denis St-Pierre (Certified General Accountants Association of Canada); and Bonnie Dawe (Tax Executives Institute, Inc.).

The following individuals testify during the second part of the meeting: Daniel Bergeron (Agence métropolitaine de transport); Claude Péloquin (Association québécoise de l'industrie touristique); Sylvain Schetagne (Canadian Labour Congress); David Lindsay (Forest Products Association of Canada); Patrick Duguay (Social Economy Working Group); and Dr. Michel Tétreault (St. Boniface Hospital).

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