Finance – October 18, 2012

In Committee from the House of Commons

Finance – October 18, 2012

Finance (October 18, 2012)

The committee continues with its annual pre-budget consultations.

MPs hear from the following witnesses during the first part of the meeting: James Knight (Association of Canadian Community Colleges); Simone Thibault and Scott Wolfe (both with the Canadian Association of Community Health Centres); Michael Conway and Peter Effer (representatives of Financial Executives International Canada); and Tony Dolan (Council of Canadians with Disabilities).

The following individuals testify during the second part of the meeting: Graham Carr (Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences); Timothy M. Egan (Canadian Gas Association); Gary Rogers (Credit Union Central of Canada); Robin Bobocel (Edmonton Chamber of Commerce); and Jeff Hnatiuk (Sport Manitoba Inc.).