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In Committee from the House of Commons - Finance - May 21, 2013


Committee members hear from two panels as they continue with their study of the budget implementation bill (C-60).

The following witnesses discuss the impact of certain measures during the first part of the meeting: Laura Eggertson (Adoption Council of Canada); Martin Lavoie (Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters); Richard Paton ( Chemistry Industry Association of Canada); David Phillips (Credit Union Central of Canada); Karen Proud (Retail Council of Canada); and Garth Manness (Credit Union Central of Manitoba).

Mike Moffatt (as an individual); Rob Cunningham (Canadian Cancer Society); Ron Bonnett (Canadian Federation of Agriculture); James Laws (Canadian Meat Council); Karen Cohen (Canadian Psychological Association); and Yves Savoie (Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada) testify during the second panel.

UPDATE: Bill C-60 received royal assent on June 26.

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