Justice and Human Rights – June 5, 2013

In Committee from the House of Commons

Justice and Human Rights – June 5, 2013

Justice and Human Rights

The committee holds it second meeting on the government’s bill dealing with mentally-ill offenders. Bill C-54 would amend the mental disorder regime in the Criminal Code to deal with accused individuals found not criminally responsible or unfit to stand trial.

MPs first hear from two victims of crime and a psychiatrist on the proposed legislation: Isabelle Gaston, whose two children were murdered by their father, Guy Turcotte, Carol de Delley, the mother of Tim McLean, who was killed on a Greyhound bus, and Paul Fedoroff from the Canadian Psychiatric Association.

Kim Pate with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Canada, Criminal Lawyers’ Association representatives Paul Burstein and Erin Dann, and David Parry and Terry Hancock, who are both with the Canadian Bar Association, testify during the second panel.

Committee members finally hear the perspective of the following witnesses during the last hour of the meeting: Chris Summerville with the Schizophrenia Society of Canada, Catherine Latimer from the John Howard Society, and Lori Triano-Antidormi, whose toddler son was murdered by her schizophrenic neighbour.