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In Committee from the House of Commons - Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics - April 01, 2014

The committee focuses on the growing problem of identity theft and its economic impact. Louis Beauséjour and Robert Frelich from the Department of Employment and Social Development explain how their practices on the issuance of the social insurance numbers and the administration of the social insurance register improve over the years to increase the integrity of the SIN program and to reduce the impact of identity fraud. During the second hour the committee hears from Lu Fernandes and Peter Bulatovic from the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. Their department assumes overall accountability for the passport program which includes issuing, refusing to issue, revoking, withholding, recovering and providing instructions on the use of Canadian passports. Michael Jenkin from the Department of Industry speaks about the protection of personal information document act and initiatives to help with public awareness in connection with the implementation of Canada's anti-spam legislation. (April 1, 2014)

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