The West Is In. Now What?

In Conversation with Maclean’s

The West Is In. Now What?

CPAC’s Peter Van Dusen moderates a debate on the role of Western Canada within a larger national context, January 20, 2010. This third debate is jointly presented by CPAC and Maclean’s Magazine and takes place in Calgary, Alta.

First, Ken Boessenkool (from the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary) presents a number of statistics comparing Western Canada to the rest of the country, including rates of immigration and employment. Maclean’s senior editor Andrew Coyne and columnist Paul Wells offer their analysis of these statistics.

Afterwards, a panel of speakers join Mr. Coyne and Mr. Wells for further discussion about the influence of Western Canada. The panellists are Lloyd Axworthy (the former minister of Foreign Affairs), Melissa Blake (Mayor of Fort McMurray, Alta.), Lindsay Blackett (the Alberta minister of culture), Nancy Heppner (the Saskatchewan minister of the environment), and Rob Anderson (the Wildrose Alliance MLA for Airdrie–Chestermere, Alta.). Discussion focuses on the economy, the environmental impact of the Alberta oil sands, and the desire for Senate reform. Later, panellists take questions from audience members, including Alberta Liberal Party leader David Swann.


image - Peter Van Dusen

Peter Van Dusen

A distinctive and popular personality with more than two decades of reporting and anchoring experience, Peter is a well-known journalist in Canada’s political arena. He joined CPAC in 2001 to host CPAC’s flagship show, PrimeTime Politics, and as Executive Producer of the channel has guided the evolution of programming to strengthen the viewer experience. Prior to joining CPAC, Peter spent 11 years with CBC Television in Ottawa as the evening anchor for local news.