Inquiries on CPAC

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Inquiries on CPAC - The Oliphant Inquiry – April 14, 2009 (Part 2 of 2)

Commission of Inquiry into Certain Allegations Respecting Business and Financial Dealings Between Karlheinz Schreiber and the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney

Witness: Karlheinz Schreiber

The Commission continues to hear testimony from Mr. Schreiber, the former chair of Bear Head Industries. Under examination by Lead Commission Counsel Richard Wolson, Mr. Schreiber is questioned in detail about his lobbying for the Bear Head Project, a proposed manufacturing plant for military vehicles intended to be built on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and later considered for Montreal, Quebec. He is asked about the hiring of Marc Lalonde as a lobbyist for Bear Head following the election of a Liberal federal government in 1993 and about attempts to secure an international market for military vehicles. Mr. Schreiber describes a meeting with Mr. Mulroney at Harrington Lake in June 1993 and an agreement concerning future business dealings related to the Bear Head Project. He recalls opening a Swiss bank account code-named “Britan,” into which he deposited commissions from Thyssen, MBB, and Airbus allegedly earmarked for Mr. Mulroney by Frank Moores. Mr. Schreiber recalls withdrawing $100,000 in cash from the “Britan” account and giving it to Mr. Mulroney during a hotel-room meeting at Mirabel Airport in August 1993.

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