Inquiries on CPAC

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Inquiries on CPAC - The Air India Inquiry – June 1, 2007 (Part 1 of 4)

Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182

Witnesses : Rodney Wallis, Peter St. John, Jean Barrette, Jim Marriott, Peter St. John, Reg Whitaker

Rodney Wallis (an international civil aviation security consultant), Peter St. John (University of Manitoba), Jean Barrette (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)), and Jim Marriott (Transport Canada) continue to testify as a panel before the Commission. Raj Anand (Counsel for Lata Pada and other victims’ families) cross-examines the panellists. He asks Mr. Marriott and Mr. Barrette about aviation security measures in Canada before and after the bombing of Air India flight 182. Sandy Graham, Counsel for the Attorney General of Canada, objects to some of Mr. Anand’s questions and Commissioner John C. Major allows the questions. Peter St. John (University of Manitoba) and Reg Whitaker (York University) testify as a panel under direct examination by Commission Counsel Anil Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor asks the panellists about the use of intelligence in the aviation sector, Canada’s integrated threat assessment centre, the relationship between Transport Canada and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), and the responsibilities and roles of those agencies. Mr. Anand briefly cross-examines the panellists, asking Mr. Whitaker about public notifications of security risks and about behavioural and racial profiling. Norman Boxall (Counsel for the Air India Victims’ Families Association) briefly cross-examines the witnesses. Mr. Graham makes brief remarks clarifying aspects of the Aeronautics Act relevant to the witnesses’ testimony.

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