Inquiries on CPAC

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Inquiries on CPAC - The Air India Inquiry – September 25, 2007 (Part 4 of 4)

Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182

Witness: Manjit Singh Sahota

Commission Counsel Mark J. Freiman presents a series of documents, including an excerpt from a June 1984 Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) security intelligence branch document on the sharing of intelligence with Indian authorities. A procedural discussion ensues when Barney Brucker (Counsel for the Attorney General of Canada) states that the excerpt in question was redacted and ought not to have been read into the public record. Manjit Singh Sahota (Sikh community leader, Toronto, Ontario) testifies under direct examination by Commission Counsel Anil Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor asks the witness to describe the effects of the Indian government’s June 1984 Operation Blue Star, in which Indian forces entered the Harmandir Sahib (the Golden Temple) in Amritsar, India. Mr. Kapoor further asks Mr. Sahota to describe his experiences in the Sikh community in Toronto. Mr. Sahota discusses concerns among members of the Canadian Sikh community that Canadian authorities were sharing information about Sikhs in Canada with Indian authorities. Jacques Shore (Counsel for the Air India Victims’ Families Association) and Mr. Brucker cross-examine Mr. Sahota.

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