Inquiries on CPAC

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Inquiries on CPAC - The Gomery Inquiry – May 25, 2005 (Part 1 of 6)

Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities

Witnesses: Robert Macdonald, Pierre St-Laurent, Steven Whitla

The Commission continues to hear testimony from Robert Macdonald, Pierre St-Laurent, and Steven Whitla, investigative and forensic accountants from Kroll Lindquist Avey, with Associate Commission Counsel Guy Cournoyer resuming direct examination. The witnesses provide a detailed account of their analysis of the finances of individual communications agencies involved with government sponsorship, including Coffin Communication, Vickers & Benson, and BCP. They summarize their findings of irregularities, including anomalous billing practices, mark-ups on subcontracted purchases, the awarding of subcontracts without competition, and the charging of commissions both to the government and to event organizers. Doug Mitchell (Counsel for the Liberal Party of Canada) begins cross-examination.

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