Nycole Turmel

Nycole Turmel is back in her Hull-Aylmer riding after having completed her mandate as NDP interim leader following Jack Layton’s passing. She resumes her work as an MP at the service of her fellow citizens. She loves that function above all others and feels quite at ease in it.

On September 19, 2012, Danielle Young followed her around on site as she spent the day greeting the constituents of her Hull-Aylmer riding.


image - Danielle Young

Danielle Young

Danielle joined CPAC in 2007. With 24 years’ experience, Danielle is a versatile journalism professional working in various capacities on our French-language team including as documentary filmmaker, producer and parliamentary correspondent on the Hill. Prior to joining CPAC, Danielle served as a news director with RNC média, in Gatineau (CHOT and CFGS), assignment editor at TVA Montréal, and as a reporter and bureau chief with CHOT-TV.