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L’actualité / CPAC Panel Discussion - Table ronde L'actualité / CPAC

CPAC and L'actualité present a live panel discussion from Montreal on the future of energy.

The Future of Energy: Can We Live Without Oil?

Join L’actualité and CPAC for a panel discussion on the future of energy. Host Pierre Donais moderates the debate with guests:

* Carole Beaulieu, Editor-in-Chief of L’actualité
* Jean-François Lisée, Executive Director of CERIUM
* Normand Mousseau, Canada Research Chair in Computational Physics of Complex Materials (Université de Montréal)
* Carol Montreuil, Vice President, Eastern Canada Division, Canadian Petroleum Products Institute

Should or shouldn’t we drill in the Gulf of St. Lawrence? Should we use shale gas or develop green energy? Join L’actualité’s panel discussion about one of today’s hottest topics: Energy!

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About Pierre Donais

About Pierre Donais

Drawing on four decades of radio and TV experience, Pierre has a reputation for being as personable as he is astute. He joined CPAC in 2003 to host Revue Politique, a nightly review of the day’s politics for Francophone viewers. He also delves into the personal with guests on Tête à Tête. A former anchor and journalist at TQS and Télémédia CIMF-FM in Outaouais, Pierre also served as radio host and station manager. He has recently completed his Master’s degree in law at the University of Ottawa.

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