Conservative Leadership: The Members

Conservative Leadership: The Members

Conservative Leadership: The Members

April 26, 2017 9:48amET

More than 259,000 people are eligible to vote in next month’s Conservative leadership election, according to numbers released by the party.

The Conservative Party of Canada had 259,010 paid members as of Mar. 28– the cutoff date for voting eligibility.

This represents a gain of over 150,000 people since early January, the party said yesterday, adding that 108 of 338 ridings have more than 1,000 members, while nearly every riding has at least doubled its membership.

There were also 2,729 ineligible members found.

Members can vote by mail-in ballot or in-person at 13 polling stations across Canada on May 27. They’ll use a preferential ballot to rank up to 10 candidates. Each riding will carry equal weight in determining the winner, regardless of the number of votes.

More than 97,000 out of a possible 250,000 members voted in the 2004 Conservative leadership election — a 37-per-cent turnout.

Using the same voting system, the Liberals had 104,552 members cast ballots for the 2013 leadership.

-Andrew Thomson