February 17, 2018


February 17, 2018

This week “Outburst” comes to you from Vernon, B.C., and your nation’s capital. We are asking Canadians: Do you agree or disagree with a carbon tax? What are your ideas to improve Canada’s health care system? Should there be term limits for federal politicians? How has social media influenced how you follow federal politics? William Hall became the first black Canadian to receive which award? We also test your Canadian knowledge with our “Brain Teasers” segment!


image - Glen McInnis

Glen McInnis

Born and raised in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Glen is a proud Cape Bretoner. His distinctive personality and informal approach bring a fresh perspective to political news. Since joining CPAC in 2000, Glen has hosted Outburst, the Great Canadian Tour and reported on the Hill. Before joining CPAC, Glen worked with CBC Radio in Sydney, NS, and occasionally appeared as guest host for Breakfast Television on ATV in Halifax. He has also worked for Calgary’s A-Channel where he was a producer for The Big Breakfast, as well as a news writer. Glen is also an avid musician, and can often be found playing his prized Rickenbacker bass around Ottawa in his spare time.