South Africa – Old Challenges, New Beginnings – March 18, 2018

South Africa – Old Challenges, New Beginnings – March 18, 2018


Cape Town is the first major city in the modern world to face the very real threat of running out of water. Reservoirs in the city are less than a quarter full after 3 years of drought, and the day is approaching in 2018 when the city will run out of water.

So to encourage people to consume less water, city officials and South African musicians have produced a series of “2-minute shower songs”. The idea is that residents could play the song during their shower and when it ends, it’s their cue to finish the shower.

A 2-minute shower would use about 20 litres of water, while a 5-minute shower would almost use up the recommended 50 litres of water per person per day.

You can have a listen for yourself and give it a try:

South Africa – Old Challenges, New Beginnings – March 18, 2018

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