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Podium - Phillipe Kirsch / John Weston

Philippe Kirsch, the president of the International Criminal Court (ICC), gives the John C. Tait Memorial Lecture in Ottawa, Ont., October 7, 2003. Mr. Kirsh discusses the ICC’s objectives, including creating a culture of deterrence and accountability when national legal systems are insufficient. Following his speech, Mr. Kisch responds to questions from audience members.

Also on the program, John Weston, general counsel to the Chief Mountain Group, speaks at the Aboriginal and constitutional law forum hosted by the Empire Club of Canada, Toronto, Ont., September 18, 2003. Mr. Weston explores an alternative view of self-governance for the Nisga’a Peoples, including challenging the validity of the Nisga’a Treaty. The Nisga’a Treaty is a land claims settlement signed in May 1999 between the Nisga’a Peoples and the federal and British Columbia governments. John Koopman, the president of the Empire Club, introduces Mr. Weston.

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