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PrimeTime Politics Weekend - June 6, 2008

Host Martin Stringer sits down with retired colonel Alain Pellerin (from the Conference of Defence Associations) to discuss Lieutenant General Walter Natynczyk’s appointment as Chief of Defence Staff. Mr. Natynczyk is replacing General Rick Hillier, who is scheduled to retire in June 2008.

Following this, Martin speaks about pressing political issues with a video panel of MPs featuring James Moore (Conservative), Judy Sgro (Liberal), and Paul Dewar (NDP). Discussion focuses on two major controversies within the Conservative Party – a possible national security breach involving former foreign affairs minister Maxime Bernier, and an alleged $1 million life insurance policy “bribe” the Conservative Party offered to the late independent MP Chuck Cadman in 2005.

Also on the program, Martin is joined in the studio by journalists Bill Curry and Joël-Denis Bellavance to analyze the week’s major news stories, including an agreement between the Ontario and Quebec governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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About Martin Stringer

About Martin Stringer

Having covered the Canadian political scene for more than 25 years, Martin is as politically astute as he is savvy. He joined CPAC in 1996 and has covered leadership races, political conventions and federal elections, serving as PrimeTime Politics’ Hill correspondent daily and host of the show’s Friday edition. Martin began his career as a reporter for CBC Radio in Quebec City and also worked for seven years as national and international producer for CBC Radio’s flagship show, As It Happens.

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