November 28, 2008

PrimeTime Politics Weekend

November 28, 2008

Host Martin Stringer reviews the week’s headlines, focusing on the possible defeat of the Conservative minority government. Opposition parties are vowing to introduce a non-confidence motion to defeat the government and form a coalition between the Liberal Party and the NDP, supported by the Bloc Québécois. This decision is in reaction to the November 27, 2008, fiscal update, which does not include a stimulus package to help bolster the slumping Canadian economy.

In a press conference, Prime Minister Stephen Harper explains his decision to delay the non-confidence vote until December 8, 2008. In a follow-up press conference, Liberal MPs John McCallum and Marlene Jennings outline their party’s criticisms of the fiscal update.

Later, former NDP leader Ed Broadbent and Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe each speak with reporters about the possibility of a coalition government.

Martin is joined in the studio by economist Michael McCracken (chair and CEO of Informetrica) for an analysis of the fiscal update and the government’s reaction to the Canadian economic crisis.

In a speech presented at the Economic Club of Toronto, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty outlines key proposals in the 2008 economic update.


image - Martin Stringer

Martin Stringer

Having covered the Canadian political scene for more than 25 years, Martin is as politically astute as he is savvy. He joined CPAC in 1996 and has covered leadership races, political conventions and federal elections, serving as PrimeTime Politics’ Hill correspondent daily and host of the show’s Friday edition. Martin began his career as a reporter for CBC Radio in Quebec City and also worked for seven years as national and international producer for CBC Radio’s flagship show, As It Happens.