June 12, 2009

Martin speaks with Human Resources Development Minister Diane Finley about suggestions from the Prime Minister in a speech on Thursday that there may be changes coming this fall to the Employment Insurance system.

Journalists Louise Elliott and John Geddes join host Martin Stringer in the studio to discuss the government’s second economic report card and the possibility that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff will call for a vote of non-confidence in the House of Commons over the government’s economic management.

We bring you Minister Finley’s speech to the Economic Club of Canada about the government’s Economic Action Plan, and the EI system in a time of economic crisis.

Steven Fletcher (minister of state (democratic reform)) announces the introduction of the Expanded Voting Opportunities Act, which proposes extra advance polling days for federal elections. Conservative MP Jacques Gourde also comments on the proposed legislation.

International Trade Minister Stockwell Day testifies before the House of Commons Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan. Committee members Bryon Wilftert (Liberal), Claude Bachand (Bloc Québécois), Dave MacKenzie (Conservative), and Paul Dewar (NDP) question Mr. Day about Canada’s mission in Afghanistan, focusing on monetary aid given to improve the country’s electoral process.


image - Martin Stringer

Martin Stringer

Having covered the Canadian political scene for more than 25 years, Martin is as politically astute as he is savvy. He joined CPAC in 1996 and has covered leadership races, political conventions and federal elections, serving as PrimeTime Politics’ Hill correspondent daily and host of the show’s Friday edition. Martin began his career as a reporter for CBC Radio in Quebec City and also worked for seven years as national and international producer for CBC Radio’s flagship show, As It Happens.