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PrimeTime Politics Weekend - September 30, 2011

This week, join host Martin Stringer.

We bring you reaction to the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling, rejecting the Harper government's bid to shut down Vancouver's Insite supervised drug injection facility.

Also, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Quebec Premier Jean Charest announce Ottawa will give Quebec $2.2 billion in compensation for Quebec's harmonization of its sales tax with the federal GST almost two decades ago.

Martin speaks with economist Ian Lee, of Carleton University's Sprott School of Business, about the state of the Canadian economy, and the political options open to the government in a fragile international economic environment.

And Martin is joined by his journalist guests: Mark Kennedy, Parliamentary Bureau Chief for Postmedia News, and Susan Lunn, Parliamentary Reporter with CBC Radio. They discuss:
1. The Economy & Parliamentary Politics
2. The Harper Majority - two weeks into the fall session
3. And the latest in the NDP leadership race - BC MP Nathan Cullen joins the race, more to follow!

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About Martin Stringer

About Martin Stringer

Having covered the Canadian political scene for more than 25 years, Martin is as politically astute as he is savvy. He joined CPAC in 1996 and has covered leadership races, political conventions and federal elections, serving as PrimeTime Politics’ Hill correspondent daily and host of the show’s Friday edition. Martin began his career as a reporter for CBC Radio in Quebec City and also worked for seven years as national and international producer for CBC Radio’s flagship show, As It Happens.

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