February 17, 2012

PrimeTime Politics Weekend

February 17, 2012

This week, join Martin Stringer and his journalist guests: Bill Curry, reporter for The Globe & Mail, and Susan Lunn, Parliamentary Reporter for CBC Radio.

They’ll discuss:

1. The Internet Access Bill:
A furious controversy has erupted over the government’s proposed legislation to give police access to Canadians’ basic Internet information without a warrant: name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and IP number. The government says such information is innocuous, and necessary to help combat internet crime. And, a search warrant will be required to obtain any further information.
Nonetheless, the opposition to the bill has been ferocious.

The Prime Minister is sending the bill directly to a parliamentary committee. Will the government back down?
How is this issue playing out politically?

2. The Internet Access Bill – the nastiy side:
An intense Internet campaign has exploded around the minister responsible for the bill – Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. It includes attacks and details concerning his personal life. The government claims the Internet campaign has been orchestrated by the NDP.

Where is this issue going?
How have things gotten so ugly?

3. Cuts, Cuts, Cuts:
We discuss the latest on upcoming budget cuts – including reports the government is eyeing a cut to more than $50 million from the expenses of MPs in Parliament.

Also, Martin speaks with a panel of MPs from the different parties about this week in federal politics.


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Martin Stringer

Having covered the Canadian political scene for more than 25 years, Martin is as politically astute as he is savvy. He joined CPAC in 1996 and has covered leadership races, political conventions and federal elections, serving as PrimeTime Politics’ Hill correspondent daily and host of the show’s Friday edition. Martin began his career as a reporter for CBC Radio in Quebec City and also worked for seven years as national and international producer for CBC Radio’s flagship show, As It Happens.