The Charter at 25 – February 15 (Part 3 of 10)

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The Charter at 25 – February 15 (Part 3 of 10)

The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada hosts a conference on the history and impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, McGill University, Montreal, Que., February 14–16, 2007. The event marks the Charter’s 25th anniversary.

In this February 15th session, a panel of speakers discuss the Charter’s impact on Canadian society.

Former prime minister Joe Clark outlines the positive impact the Charter has had on Canadian society and governance practices. Alan Borovoy (general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association) discusses issues obstructing free speech in Canada. Barry L. Strayer (former judge of the Federal Court of Appeal) speaks about the Charter’s impact within Canada’s judicial system.

Lynn McDonald (professor emerita in the Department of Sociology at the University of Guelph) considers the benefits that an entrenched Charter of Rights offers to Canadian women. Nik Nanos (president and CEO of SES Research) presents findings from his research on public perception of the Charter.

Later, panellists answer questions from audience members. Nicholas Kasirer (professor in the Faculty of Law at McGill University) makes opening remarks and moderates.