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Public Record - 2007 Agriculture Forum (Part 4 of 4)

Annual forum highlighting Canadian agriculture issues, Yorkton, Sask., March 23, 2007.

Robert Sopuck (vice-president of the Delta Waterfowl Foundation) discusses Canadian environmental policies. Glen Blakely (Alternative Land-Use Services (ALUS) taskforce chair) outlines the ALUS pilot project, which aims to work with environmental regulations while also providing incentives for farmers who play a role in environmental management. Later, Mr. Sopuck and Mr. Blakely field questions from forum attendees.

Tamara Weir-Shields (Environment Farm Plan (EFP) / Farm Stewardship Program (FSP) coordinator) explains the objectives and achievements of the EFP/FSP, a voluntary environmental self-assessment tool for farmers. After speaking, Ms. Weir-Shields answers questions from audience members.

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