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Public Record - 2007 "Canada 2020" Conference (Part 1 of 6)

Annual conference hosted by Canada 2020 and Crossing Boundaries, Gatineau, Que., March 26–28, 2007. This March 27th session features a panel discussion on implementing strategies to create positive change in Canada.

Al Hatton (United Way of Canada president) discusses “Action for Neighbourhood Change,” a United Way partnership initiative working toward long-term sustainable change within distressed Canadian communities. Max Valiquette (Youthography president) speaks about his company’s business model.

John Milloy (Liberal MPP for Kitchener Centre, Ont.) discusses the influence of citizens and political “backbenchers” in the Canadian political process. Joan Kingston (principal secretary of government affairs in the New Brunswick Office of the Premier) outlines efforts undertaken by the New Brunswick government to engage the public. After speaking, panellists field questions from conference attendees.

The 2007 conference, entitled “Who Should do What in a Progressive Canada” explores the role of citizens, government, businesses, and the volunteer sector in solving social and economic challenges.

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