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Public Record - Peacebuilding in Afghanistan

The Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa hosts a conference to evaluate international military and aid missions underway in Afghanistan, December 10–11, 2007. The conference brings together leading analysts specializing in issues related to peacebuilding efforts in Afghanistan.

This December 10th session is entitled “The Opium Problem: In Search of a Workable Strategy.” A panel of speakers discuss this issue in relation to Afghanistan, featuring Christoph Zürcher (professor at Free University Berlin), Almas Bawar (country director for the Senlis Council), and William Byrd (World Bank advisor).

After speeches, discussion is opened up to a group of analysts that includes Sarah Chayes (secretary at Arghand Cooperative in Kandahar), Barnett Rubin (director of studies at the Center on International Cooperation of New York University), and Abdullah Abdullah (former minister of foreign affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan).

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