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Public Record - The Global Impacts of Growing Biofuels

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network presents a series of public forums entitled “Crops, Cars & Climate Crisis: The Global Impacts of Growing Biofuels on Food, Farmers, and Human Rights,” April 28–May 1, 2008.

In this April 30th session in Ottawa, Ont., speakers explores issues related to biofuel production. Among the panellists are Darrin Qualman (National Farmers Union in Canada), Alberto Gomez (Via Campesina in Mexico), Javiera Rulli (Base Investigaciones Sociale in Paraguay), Ditdit Pelegrina (Southeast Asia Regional Initiative for Community Empowerment in the Philippines), and Peter Rosset (Center for the Study of Rural Change in Mexico).

After speaking, panellists field questions from audience members. Paul Dewar, New Democratic Party MP for Ottawa Centre, Ont., is among those in attendance.

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