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Public Record - Public Policy in Crisis? – March 26 (Part 1 of 5)

McGill University hosts a conference entitled "Public Policy in Crisis? Understanding Policy Making in Canada," Montreal, Que., March 26–27, 2009.

This March 26th session features a panel discussion entitled “The State of Public Policy Research and Education in Canada.” The panellists are Wendy Thomson (professor of social policy, McGill University), Bruce Doern (distinguished research professor, School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University), Sharon Manson Singer (president, Canadian Policy Research Networks), Mel Cappe (president, Institute for Research on Public Policy), Joe Clark (professor of practice for public–private sector partnerships, Centre for Developing Area Studies, McGill University), and Philippe Couillard (Senior Fellow in Health Law, McGill Research Group on Health and Law). After speaking, the panellists field questions from audience members.

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