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Public Record - 2007 École d'été de l'Institut du Nouveau Monde Conference (Part 3 of 5)

The Institut du Nouveau Monde holds the 6th edition of its summer school for youth, Quebec City, August 27–30, 2009. This conference brings together more than 1,000 youth from across Quebec and around the world. This year’s conference theme is “What if We Took Power?”

This August 29th session, entitled “Are We Going to Pay For Our Seniors?,” features an inter-generational panel discussion on possible solutions to the demographic and economic challenges that our society is facing. The panellists are François Rebello (founder, Groupe Investissement Responsable), Claude Bélande (president, Mouvement Démocratie et Citoyenneté du Québec), Jean-David Tremblay-Frénette (representative, Géneration d’idées collective and magazine), Russell Copeman (chair, National Ethics Committee On Ageing and Changing Demographics), and Marguerite Blais (Liberal Party of Quebec MNA and the minister responsible for senior citizens). After speaking, panellists field questions from audience members.

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