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Public Record - Pandemics: Threat, Preparedness, Response

An expert panel discusses the complex issues surrounding the H1N1 influenza pandemic, Toronto, Ont., November 26, 2009. This event is co-hosted by the Canadian International Council, the University of Toronto Political Science Alumni Association, and the Hart House Debates Committee.

The panellists are Dr. Vivek Goel (president and CEO of the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion), Andrew Price-Smith (professor of political science, the Colorado College), Roger Kiel (director, the City Institute, York Unviersity), and Dr. Allison McGeer (infectious disease consultant, Mount Sinai Hospital). Discussion focuses on the delivery of the H1N1 vaccine to the provinces and the wave of infection that appears to be peaking in some parts of the country and is perhaps past its peak in others.

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