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Public Record - Canada at 150: Rising to the Challenge – March 28 (Part 2 of 3)

On March 26–28, 2010, in Montreal, leading academics and policy experts from Canada and around the world will participate in "Canada at 150: Rising to the Challenge" , a non-partisan event organized by the Liberal Party of Canada. The three-day event has been described as a chance for "some of Canada's leading thinkers and doers to grapple with big issues facing our country."

Canadians Making a Difference in the World

In the final panel discussion of the conference Yasmine Charara (chair, Observatoire jeunesse Oxfam-Québec), Ryan Hreljac (founder, Ryan's Well Foundation) and George Roter (co-founder, Engineers Without Borders) shared their experiences shaping the world at the ground level and how young Canadians are demonstrating inspiring leadership around the world.

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