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Public Record - North American Futures - Conference Wrap-up

North American Futures

Diplomats, scholars, practitioners and media gathered in Vancouver from March 16 to 17 to discuss Canadian, American and Mexican perspectives on the future of North America. This is the second conference on North American Futures jointly organized by the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the University of California, Berkeley. The event builds on the first symposium, which was held March 2010 in Berkeley, California.

The panellists in the closing session were Pierre Pettigrew (Canadian cabinet minister from 1996 to 2006 ), Anne McLellan (Academic Director and Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Alberta Institute for American Studies at the University of Alberta), Miguel Basáñez (Professor of Values, Cultures and Development, the Fletcher School at Tufts University) and Jeremy Kinsman (University of California, Berkeley). The session was moderated by Jack Citrin (University of California, Berkeley). Following the panel discussion, Richard Johnston (University of British Columbia) delivered closing remarks.

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