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Public Record - Civic Education in Canada

Canada's Democracy Week 2012, the second annual civic education initiative organized by Elections Canada, was held this year from Sept. 15 to 22. The week is built around the U.N.'s International Day of Democracy on Sept. 15. Throughout the week, events aimed at getting Canada's youth to discuss democracy and the importance of voting, were held across the country.

On September 19, an interactive workshop for Faculty of Education students was held in Ottawa. Civic Education leaders Marc Mayrand (Chief Electoral Officer, Elections Canada), Léo Duguay (president, Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians), Paul Taillefer (president, Canadian Teachers' Federation), Taylor Gunn (president, CIVIX) and Jeremy Diamond (director of development and programs, Historica-Dominion Institute) discussed the practical civic education resources available to teachers in Canada and the importance of engaging youth in the democratic system. The workshop was moderated by Ottawa city councillor Mathieu Fleury.

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