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Public Record - Keeping the Promise – February 27 (Part 3 of 5)

Keeping the promise: the path ahead to full modern treaty implementation. This conference is organized by the Land Claims Agreements Coalition. The first working group session features a panel discussion on self-government (negotiations, challenges and the way ahead).

Daryn Leas (legal counsel for the Council of Yukon First Nations) discusses what self-government is intended to do and why it is a step forward with examples from the Yukon experience. Toby Andersen (deputy minister of Nunatsiavut Affairs for the Nunatsiavut Government) presents a Nunatsiavut Government case study and the challenges of implementing a self-government agreement. Georgina Sydney (negotiator, Teslit Tlingit Council) describes the traditional self-government structure of the Teslit Tlingit Council. Patrick Tomlinson (director of intergovernmental relations for the Gwich'in Tribal Council) examines the Gwich'in Tribal Council's experiences in negotiating self-government agreements. (February 27, 2013).

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