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Public Record - Digital Governance 101: Democracy in a Digital Era

Digital Governance Forum: Transforming government practice in the digital era

The Institute on Governance organizes a conference entitled "Digital Governance Forum: Transforming government practice in the digital era." The opening remarks feature Davide Cargnello (Chief Research Officer< Institute on Governance), Terry Ansari (VP Strategic Engagement, Public Sector, Adobe), Brent Herbert-Copley (Vice-President, Research Programs, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council), Maryantonett Flumian (President, Institute on Governance), Evert Lindquist (Professor & Director, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria). The first panel of the day, "Digital Governance 101: Democracy in the digital era" features Justin Ling (Parliamentary Correspondent, VICE News), Tim Powers (Vice-Chairman, Summa Strategies), Brad Lavigne (Vice-President, H+K Strategies) and Gerald Butts (Principal Advisor to Justin Trudeau). (January 28, 2015)

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