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Public Record - The Calgary Congress

The Calgary Congress public assembly in Calgary, Alta., September 30, 2006.

Calgary Congress co-chairs Danielle Smith and Link Byfield introduce speeches concerning major constitutional challenges facing Canada in the 21st century. This assembly session focuses on equalization payments and federal government policies concerning Atlantic provinces.

Jason Clemens (director of fiscal studies for the Fraser Institute) speaks about prospective economic growth in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Peter Holle (president of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy) offers a Manitoban perspective on alternatives to provincial fiscal equalization payments. Brian Lee Crowley (president of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies) presents an Atlantic Canadian perspective on lagging economies and alternatives to employment insurance and regional development subsidies.

Later, Andy Crooks (chair of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation) moderates questions from assembly attendees. Jason Kenney (Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper) makes opening remarks.

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