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Public Record - Our Future: A Public Dialogue

McGill University hosts a panel discussion to analyze a manifesto entitled “Pour un Québec Lucide,” Montreal, Que., October 19, 2006. The manifesto reviews important issues facing Quebec. In this session, discussion focuses on the necessity of developing, attracting, and retaining skilled workers in Montreal.

Allan Schweyer (president and executive director of the Human Capital Institute) and Heather Monroe-Blum (McGill University principal and vice-chancellor) make opening remarks.

Antonia Maioni (McGill University professor) delivers the first keynote address, providing overviews of “Pour un Québec Lucide” and a subsequent manifesto entitled “Pour un Québec Solidaire.” Henry Mintzberg (McGill University professor) discusses these two manifestos, corporate depreciation, and globalization.

After the speeches, Ms. Maioni and Mr. Mintzberg field questions from conference attendees. Christopher Manfredi (dean of the Faculty of Arts at McGill University) introduces the speakers.

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