Our Future: A Public Dialogue

Public Record

Our Future: A Public Dialogue

McGill University hosts a conference to analyze a manifesto entitled “Pour un Québec Lucide,” Montreal, Que., October 19, 2006. The manifesto addresses important issues facing Quebec.

Christopher Manfredi (dean of the Faculty of Arts at McGill University) introduces the discussion, which focuses on improving Quebec’s post-secondary institutions.

Claude Lajeunesse (president of Concordia University) speaks about funding challenges for Canadian universities. Luc Vinet (rector at the Université de Montréal) stresses the importance of increased access to post-secondary education. Gabriel Bouchard (founder of Monster Canada) discusses corporate recruitment of post-graduate students. Paul L’Archevêque (chief executive officer of Génome Québec) focuses on graduate recruitment in Quebec’s innovative sector.

After speeches, panellists field questions from audience members.