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Public Record - Ashbury College Foundation Presents: Let’s Debate It!

A panel of experts discuss global political issues at an event hosted by the Ashbury College Foundation, Ottawa, Ont., November 1, 2006. In this debate session, entitled “The Rise of China Spells the Decline of the West,” speakers discuss the impact of China’s rise to power.

The speakers are divided into two panels – a panel agreeing that there is a link between China’s rise and the western world’s decline, and a panel disagreeing with this motion. Elizabeth May (Green Party of Canada leader), Geoffrey C. Kubrick (legal counsel for International Trade Group), and Peter Julian (NDP MP) argue in favour of the motion. Perrin Beatty (president and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters), Jack Austin (Liberal senator for British Columbia), and Elizabeth Yeh (publisher and editor-in-chief of Canada China News) argue against the motion.

After presenting their arguments, speakers field questions from debate attendees. Anthony Germain (host of CBC Radio’s St. John’s Morning Show) moderates and introduces the speakers. Louis De Melo (executive director of advancement services at Ashbury College) makes closing remarks.

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