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Public Record - 2006 Law and Parliament Conference – November 2 (Part 3 of 10)

Annual conference hosted by the Carleton University School of Public Policy and Administration, Ottawa, Ont., November 2, 2006.

This November 2nd session features a panel discussion on the application of legislation and the privileges of Parliament.

The panellists are Evan Fox-Decent (assistant professor of law at McGill University), Christopher Axworthy (professor of law at the University of Saskatchewan), Pierre Foucher (professor of law at the University of Moncton), Anne Clare Cools (Conservative Senator for Toronto Centre–York, Ont.), and Yigal Mersel (Magistrate Court Judge and Registrar for the Supreme Court of Israel).

After speeches, panellists answer questions from the rapporteur and conference attendees. Wesley Pue (associate dean for the faculty of law at the University of British Columbia) makes opening remarks and moderates. Chantal Masse (McCarthy Tétrault, LLP) serves as rapporteur.

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