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Public Record - 2006 Law and Parliament Conference – November 4 (Part 9 of 10)

Annual conference hosted by the Carleton University School of Public Policy and Administration, Ottawa, Ont., November 4, 2006.

This November 4th session features a panel discussion on government accountability, focusing on the federal sponsorship scandal that occurred during Jean Chrétien’s time as prime minister.

Neil Finkelstein (co-counsel to the Gomery Commission) speaks about serving as legal co-counsel to Justice John Gomery during the commission of inquiry into the federal sponsorship scandal (the “Gomery Commission”). Ruth Hubbard (senior fellow at the University of Ottawa’s Centre on Governance) proposes lessons to be learned from the Gomery Commission.

After speeches, the panellists field questions from audience members. Greg Tardi (Senior Parliamentary Counsel to the House of Commons) moderates.

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