Canada’s Business Environment and Competitiveness (Part 2 of 4)

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Canada’s Business Environment and Competitiveness (Part 2 of 4)

The Public Policy Forum hosts a conference focusing on an economic plan released by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, entitled “Advantage Canada: Building a Strong Economy for Canadians,” Ottawa, Ont., January 23, 2007.

This conference session addresses challenges posed by labour shortages in Canada. David Stewart-Patterson (executive vice-president of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives) discusses shifting demographics and strategies for increasing both the quality and size of Canada’s workforce. Todd Hirsch (chief economist for the Canada West Foundation) suggests approaches for creating a larger workforce in Western Canada.

Robert Giroux (chair of the board for the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL)) presents the CCL’s proposed methods for improving Canada’s competitiveness. Jacques Duguay (Quebec Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity) outlines human resource challenges in Quebec.

After speeches, panellists answer questions from audience members. Conference chair Giles Gherson makes opening remarks and moderates.