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Public Record - NDP Federal Leadership Debate – Halifax, October 2002 (Part 1 of 2)

Candidates vie to succeed Alexa McDonough as the new leader of the New Democratic Party in a debate held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 22, 2002. The contenders for the leadership are Bill Blaikie (the MP for Winnipeg–Transcona, Man.), Pierre Ducasse (associate president, federal NDP), Joe Comartin (the MP for Windsor–St-Clair, Ont.), Jack Layton (a former president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities), Lorne Nystrom (the MP for Regina– Qu’Appelle, Sask.), and Bev Meslo (the B.C. representative for the National Action Committee on the Status of Women). Topics of the debate include First Nations treaty rights, the economy, and the possibility of a war in Iraq.
The moderator is Jane Kansas.

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