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Public Record - Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs – March 17, 2004 (Part 2 of 3)

The Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs continues its study of Bill C-250, legislation to amend provisions in the Criminal Code related to hate propaganda.

Gwendolyn Landolt (REAL Women of Canada) and Janet Epp Buckingham (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada) appear as witnesses, facing questions from committee members Landon Pearson (Liberal), Raynell Andreychuk (Progressive Conservative), Tommy Banks (Liberal), and Serge Joyal (Liberal).

Later, the committee hears testimony from Gerald Chipeur, Dawn C. Stefanowicz, Clair Schnupp, and Richard L. Parkyn, who appear as individuals. The witnesses are questioned by
Gérald A. Beaudoin (Conservative).

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