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Public Record - 2002 Parti Québécois National Convention (Part 1 of 5)

Parti Québécois national convention, Quebec City, Que., November 30, 2002.

Denis Guénette (the chair of the Steering Committee) welcomes delegates and outlines the day’s agenda. Lyne Marcoux (the chair of the convention) outlines the day’s agenda and explains the rules for the elections. Stéphane Labrie (the chair of the election) explains the positions up for election and the voting rules.

Several individuals give brief speeches outlining party goals, including Pascal Jean-Baptiste (the chair of the National Committee on Citizenship and Integration), Gilles Lebel (the vice-chair of the National Committee on Seniors), Marie Galarneau (the chair of the National Committee on Women’s Political Activities), Pascal Bérubé (the chair of the National Committee on Youth), Jonathan Valois (the chair of the Standing Committee on Policy), André Boisclair (government House leader), Jean-François De La Chevrotière (the second vice-president of the Parti Québécois), and Marie Malavoy (the executive vice-president of the Parti Québécois).

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